The services we provide are focused on helping organizations and communities guide the change required to counter racism.

We focus on helping you develop and execute the leadership roles and core strategies required to lead the organizational or community change required for sustained DEI success.  Our services are complementary to services that educate and raise awareness. 

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” 

–  Thomas Jefferson

We focus on helping you develop and execute the leadership roles and core strategies required to lead the organizational or community change required for sustained DEI success.  Our services are Who We Work With

There are a number of individuals or groups that may need to be engaged for an effective engagement. For example:

  1. C-Suite
  2. Executive Sponsors
  3. Boards of Directors (for alignment)
  4. DEI Execs and/or DEI Boards
  5. Internal consultants and coaches
  6. Change Teams
  7. Partnering with other organizations providing DEI programming


Our Focus

We can provide end-to-end services – from initiative design to full implementation.  We can work with you right from the beginning or we can engage at any point in the change journey to accelerate and protect progress.  

  1. Initiative Design – making the case, vision, strategy/plans, organizational design, leadership structure and teams
  2. Implementation of the desired changes – goal achievement – making visions real
  3. Executive coaching and/or coaching of key managers or informal leaders 
  4. Renewal, redirection, or acceleration of implementation (if progress/outcomes are currently disappointing)

We can create an approach that is highly structured or one that is very flexible – to match your style and the challenges you face.  No two change scenarios are the same – but there is a common underlying foundation.


Our Approach – Based on 5 Principles

Although  every consultation is customized, there are five principles that always provide direction.

  1. We build on vision and strength. DEI initiatives often focus on what’s missing, weaknesses, gaps.  Those are certainly important to acknowledge and deal with, but the critical power is found in a clear vision of what’s desired (all the benefits) and the strengths that are brought by individuals, groups/teams, and the organization as a whole. 
  1. We match the DEI initiative with the business mission. The moral case and business case need to be complementary to be worth committing to and sustainable.
  1. We focus on organization design and change leadership. “Every organization is perfectly designed to get the outcomes it gets.”  Organization design is a disciplined process and can be complex or relatively simple depending on the organization.  It’s a central part of leading change and there are complementary leadership strategies to achieve the desired design and outcomes.
  1. We focus on finding the points of highest leadership leverage.  Effective change leadership is about leverage, not throwing activities at the challenge.  That leverage can be on an individual level, a group[/team level, a systemic level or in the organizations’ relationship with its environment.  There is always leverage on multiple levels and it needs to be identified for effectiveness, let alone efficiency.  
  1. It’s always about the “leadership web.” Leading effective DEI initiatives – certainly those that achieve all of the possible benefits – requires an aligned web of leaders.  That web starts at the top, aligns diversity and operating execs, extends well into the organization, and is developed and supported in a disciplined fashion.


Adapting the Six Leadership Roles and Their Core Strategies

Every consultation is customized, but based on solid models.  There is no effective  “cookie-cutter” approach to leading change.  Success is always found in adapting a change model to (1) the specific challenges of the change and (2) the nature of the organization or community. 

Our model uses six leadership roles, each with three cores strategies.  We can support change at the beginning or at any point in the transition.  

We can also work with other change models to ensure continuity if another model is already used by the organization.  Our models are highly adaptable and are compatible with most other serious models.  

Click here for the Model for Leading Change for a PDF providing an overview of the basic change leadership model’s 6 leadership roles and core strategies.  


How to Begin

Just get in touch and have an initial conversation with us about:

  1. The DEI initiative you are leading or anticipating
  2. Where you are in the process
  3. Your experience so far, and how we might support you

Email Us (gordon@counteringracism.org)

  1. Your name
  2. Role/Title
  3. Organization
  4. Best way and times to contact you
  5. Anything you want to add to help prep for the call