about us


Why This Site?

Racism has been built into the American experience over 500 years, so it is both a critical issue for the American experiment and an extraordinarily complex and difficult challenge.  

There is both a fundamental moral case for countering racism as well as a surprisingly important practical case.  

The change required is on individual, organizational, community, and systemic levels.  And it reaches into almost every aspect of American life.  That is a profound challenge and one that requires a critical mass of White people answering the call to commit to focused action – a commitment that must be sustained for years.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support White people in acting with sustained intention to effectively counter racism.  (Individually or in groups, organizations, and communities).


For Individuals

  • Increase awareness and education – in service of action
  • Develop the confidence to leave a known world and comfort zone – say “yes” to the journey
  • Identify desired outcomes and the actions to achieve them  
  • Get past the natural barriers to action


For Groups, Organizations & Communities

  • Identify/define the desired future state and outcomes
  • Lead the change required
  • Expand the leadership, develop resilience, and build change capabilities in the process


Gordon Barnhart – Lead Author/Consultant

My objectives for countering racism are to (1) provide a website that anyone can use to support their commitment to action, whether individual or collective; and (2) support NFP and corporate organizations and communities in leading the changes required.


I am transitioning from corporate work to focus on countering racism. I have focused on (1) consulting on organization design and leading change; and (2) executive coaching for thirty-five years.


I have worked with a lot of companies and organizations that you probably never heard of as well as some that you have – like P&G, the Mohawk Nation, the Urgan League, Microsoft, GE Aircraft Engines, and GM.  For the last fifteen years I have focused mostly on the healthcare industry, which is an industry going through fundamental change that often feels like “building the plane in flight.”


That work was based on a lot of models, practices and skills that can be customized to fit the nature of the client and the situation.  The core model for leading change is free and on a website:  http://www.heroicleaders.com/

Because my work is based on the classic heroic journey (THE fundamental story of change) it applies not only to organizational and community change, but also to individual change. 


Consequently, I created a website for teenagers because being a teenager is – by definition – a 10-year heroic journey.  I worked with teenagers from my mid-20s to mid 30s and have a lot of respect for the challenges they face and what they can bring to those challenges.  The teen site is also free and focused on teenagers, their parents and the professionals that work with them. https://www.teenheroicjourney.org/  

CounteringRacism.org is now my primary focus.




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