Overview - White People Countering Racism

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to challenge and support White people in taking sustained effective action in countering racism.  It is to support White people to act with an increasing sense of confidence, purpose, and contribution – making a difference in one of the great issues of the age. 


Why it Matters

The will and ability to counter racism is critical for our moral, political, and economic well-being as a country – the American Experiment. It’s a tough challenge that has been built into American life over 500 years.  Racism operates on individual, interpersonal group, organizational, and community levels. 


“Our future will be shaped by the assumptions we make about who we are and what we can be.”
— Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Our Focus is on “Taking Action to Counter Racism”

Our focus is on the specific actions that White People can take in their personal lives, in their organizations, and in their communities (from local to national).  This is an action resource to complement the awareness and education resources that are already available.

Our Focus is On “Building on Strength” 

Despite the size, complexity, and toughness of the challenge to counter racism, we, as White people, can commit ourselves with confidence.  Over the course of a life we have developed 80% of the capabilities and characteristics required to make a difference – and we can develop what’s missing. 

Some of that development will happen as prep to engage, but most of it will happen “on the path” as we learn from experience.  In the vast majority of major complex changes we “learn the way” and countering racism is no different.    

We will naturally be outside of our comfort zone, but we can deal with discomfort.  We make a difference and grow outside our comfort zones.  

We Realize that it’s a Journey

Countering racism is not a project.  It’s a journey.  We respect the journey that sustained effective action requires of White people.  We will need to leave a known world and go forth into a great deal of unknown.  We will be challenged and tested – and we will grow in confronting those challenges.  That’s what journeys are for – to take on the challenges, create something significant and new, and grow in the process. 


“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where

it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and

challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them

with courage, faith, and hope.”

Thomas Merton”

The Main Sections of the Site


Each section under Committing, Barriers, and Acting has a brief intro, an expanded PDF that you can download, and an action template that you can download and customize (Word doc).  Each Critical Topic also has a brief intro and an expanded PDF to download.  Some Critical Topics will also have action templates.



  • Being an anti-racist who acts with intention – Am I ready to commit to action?
  • Vision/Benefits – What might be worth the possible effort, risk and sacrifice?
  • The journey – What can I expect if I say “Yes” – What am I likely to encounter?


The Natural Barriers Encountered

  • What might stop me right at the beginning? The 3 unavoidable barriers right at the beginning
  • What might stop me on the path? The 6 natural barriers on the path
  • How do I get connected to make a difference and find support – the deceptive barrier?


Personal Actions 

  • What can I do individually and with others?
  • How can I be an effective ally?
  • How can I play my part in affective advocacy?


“If you can’t fly, then run

If you can’t run, then walk

If you can’t walk, then crawl

But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI is a tough complex challenge.  It must be led in two distinct phases and leadership must avoid three dangerous pitfalls.  Otherwise the outcomes will be mediocre and unsustainable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lots of questions that naturally arise regarding racism and White people – and answers

Critical Topics

  • Why it’s so Deceptively Hard
  • Being a “Recovering Racist”
  • “White Privilege”
  • The Story of Racism in 5 Chapters
  • The “C-Suite” Challenge
  • Leading Change
  • Building on Strength
  • “American Greatness”



Although we focus on  actions, we realize that awareness and education are essential, so there is a section with a lot of resources.  These are places to start.  Everyone will find their own way (that’s part of the challenge).  And it’s always a matter of continuous improvement.